• Banking Awareness Quiz – 90

    891 The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) and which Indian Private bank have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Oct 2013 to explore avenues for mutually beneficial knowledge sharing in food processing and agricultural sectors?
      A) YES Bank
      B) ICICI Bank
      C) HDFC Bank
      D) Axis Bank
    892 Which PSU Bank has opened over 3,000 “zero balance” savings accounts under the ‘Kanyasree’ scheme of the West Bengal Government in Oct 2013?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) Central Bank of India
      C) State Bank of India
      D) Allahabad Bank
    893 Which Indian Telecom company has launched M-Pesa, its trademarked mobile money transfer and payment service in Maharashtra in association with ICICI Bank in Oct 2013?
      A) Airtel
      B) Vodafone
      C) Aircel
      D) Ideal
    894 Which Indian PSU Bank has agreed take over the Amanath Cooperative Bank after board meeting held in Oct 2013?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) Canara Bank
      C) IDBI Bank
      D) Bank of Maharashtra
    895 India Post has launched Instant Cash in Oct 2013. Instant Cash is an instant electronic money transfer service launched in partnership with which company?
      A) Wall Street Exchange
      B) Moneygram
      C) National Stock Exchange
      D) Western Union
    896 National Housing Bank is the wholly subsidiary of RBI, was established in _________?
      A) 1991
      B) 1986
      C) 1981
      D) 1988
    897 The first step towards electronic bond trading in India was the introduction of the RBIs Negotiated Dealing System. In which year NDS was launched?
      A) 1995
      B) 2002
      C) 2005
      D) 2008
    898 A syndicated loan is a loan that is _____?
      A) Secured by Mortgages
      B) Provided to a Group of Customers
      C) Provided by Group of Banks
      D) None of These
    899 Which in the below list of organizations calculates and publishes LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate)?
      A) Bank of England
      B) Thomson Reuters
      C) Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
      D) European Banking Federation
    900 Which in the below list is not a function of commercial bank in India?
      A) Selling National Saving Certificates
      B) Purchasing Corporate Bonds
      C) Operations in Call Money Market
      D) Providing No-frill Services


    Check below for Answers:











    891 Ans) YES Bank
    892 Ans) State Bank of India
    893 Ans) Vodafone
    894 Ans) Canara Bank
    895 Ans) Wall Street Exchange
    896 Ans) 1988
    897 Ans) 2002
    898 Ans) Provided by Group of Banks
    899 Ans) Thomson Reuters
    900 Ans) Selling National Saving Certificates


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