• Banking Awareness Quiz – 89

    881 Which Indian PSU Bank has entered into a bancassurance tie-up with Apollo Munich Health Insurance (AMHI) in Oct 2013?
      A) Canara Bank
      B) bank of Baroda
      C) Punjab National Bank
      D) IDBI Bank
    882 The Reserve Bank of India has formed a technical committee to examine the feasibility of encrypted SMS-based fund transfers in Oct 2013. Who will head the committee?
      A) Arvind Mayaram
      B) Urijit Patel
      C) Bimal Jalan
      D) B. Sambamurthy
    883 US President Barack Obama has appointed whom as the new Chairman of Federal Reserves in Oct 2013, which is also considered to the second most important job in the US?
      A) Janet Yellen
      B) Lawrence Summers
      C) Ben Bernanke
      D) Timothy Geithner
    884 Which financial company has been awarded with Golden Peacock Award for ‘HR Excellence for 2013’ at a function in London in Oct 2013?
      A) State Bank of India
      B) Reliance Capital
      C) Muthoot Finance
      D) IFCI
    885 The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has assigned which bank No. 1 rank under the ‘National Awards for Excellence in MSE (micro and small enterprises) Lending’ for 2012-13 (announced in Oct 2013)?
      A) ICICI Bank
      B) IDBI Bank
      C) Corporation Bank
      D) Bank of Baroda
    886 Which PSU bank has signed a MoU with industry body CII to facilitate cheaper credit access to micro, small and medium enterprises in oct 2013?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) Canara Bank
      C) Dena Bank
      D) Bank of Baroda
    887 Which bank in Indonesia marked its re-entry into India after five years by opening a branch in Mumbai in Oct 2013?
      A) Bank Internasional Indonesia
      B) Bank Maspion Indonesia
      C) Bank Negara Indonesia
      D) Bank UOB Indonesia
    888 A CBI court sentenced former Chairman and Managing Director of _________, M Gopalakrishnan and four others to one year imprisonment for defrauding various branches of the bank in Oct 2013.
      A) Indian Bank
      B) Canara Bank
      C) Dena Bank
      D) Bank of Baroda
    889 The Reserve Bank of India has constituted a GIRO Advisory Group (GAG) to implement a national Indian Bill Payment System in Oct 2013. This will be headed by ________.
      A) Arvind Mayaram
      B) Bimal Jalan
      C) Umesh Bellur
      D) B. Sambamurthy
    890 The Government of India has allocated _________ to State Bank of India as part of its plan to infuse Rs 14,000 crore in fresh capital to 20 public sector banks in Oct 2013.
      A) Rs 3,000 crore
      B) Rs 2,500 crore
      C) Rs 2,000 crore
      D) Rs 4,000 crore


    Check below for Answers………..













    881 Ans) Canara Bank
    882 Ans) B. Sambamurthy
    883 Ans) Janet Yellen
    884 Ans) Muthoot Finance
    885 Ans) Corporation Bank
    886 Ans) Canara Bank
    887 Ans) Bank Internasional Indonesia
    888 Ans) Indian Bank
    889 Ans) Umesh Bellur
    890 Ans) Rs 2,000 crore


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