• Banking Awareness Quiz – 88

    871 The Reserve Bank today announced a 13-member committee in Sep 2013 to frame a “clear and detailed” vision for financial inclusion/deepening across the country. The committee is headed by ____________.
      A) Bimal Jalan
      B) C. Rangarajan
      C) Nachiket Mor
      D) Urijit Patel
    872 The Finance Ministry has notified the much awaited the General Anti-avoidance rules (GAAR) will come into force from ___________ (as per notification released in Sep 2013).
      A) 1st of April, 2016
      B) 1st of January, 2015
      C) 1st of January, 2016
      D) 1st of April, 2015
    873 The Reserve Bank of India has announced in Sep 2013 that it will issue inflation-indexed savings certificates in Nov 2013 which will be linked to ____________.
      A) Consumer Price Index (CPI)
      B) Wholesale Price Index (WPI)
      C) Retail Inflation for Industrial workers
      D) Combination of WPI and CPI
    874 Air India tied up with which public-sector bank to launch a co-branded credit card in Sep 2013?
      A) State Bank of India
      B) IDBI Bank
      C) Punjab National Bank
      D) Bank of Baroda
    875 Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority’s (IRDA’s) insurance repository system  was launched in Sep 2013 to provide policyholders the facility to keep insurance policies in electronic form. This is situated in which city?
      A) Bangalore
      B) Hyderabad
      C) Bhopal
      D) New Delhi
    876 Which country has topped the global chart of remittances with a whopping USD 71 billion in remittances in 2013?
      A) China
      B) Philippines
      C) Mexico
      D) India
    877 Which global investment bank has agreed to pay USD 5.1 billion to the US mortgage regulator, over the banks sale of risky mortgage bank securities in Oct 2013?
      A) UBS
      B) Barclays
      C) JP Morgan
      D) Goldman Sachs
    878 Government of India has appointed a four member committee headed by whom to clear the ambiguity between Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) terms in Oct 2013?
      A) Bimal Jalan
      B) Mukul Mudgal
      C) Arvind Mayaram
      D) A.P. Shah
    879 The Reserve Bank today set up a three-member committee headed by whom to scrutinise applications for new bank licences in Oct 2013?
      A) Arvind Mayaram
      B) Urijit Patel
      C) Bimal Jalan
      D) B. Sambamurthy
    880 Which PSU bank has bagged the Golden Peacock Award for excellence in corporate governance 2013 in oct 2013?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) Canara Bank
      C) Dena Bank
      D) Bank of Baroda


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    871 Ans) Nachiket Mor
    872 Ans) 1st of April, 2016
    873 Ans) Consumer Price Index (CPI)
    874 Ans) State Bank of India
    875 Ans) Hyderabad
    876 Ans) India
    877 Ans) JP Morgan
    878 Ans) Arvind Mayaram
    879 Ans) Bimal Jalan
    880 Ans) Canara Bank


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