• Banking Awareness Quiz – 87

    861 RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has recerntly announced to issue Inflation Indexed Bonds in August 2013. These Inflation Indexed Bonds will use inflation measured by _______?
      A) Wholesale Price Index
      B) Consumer Price Index
      C) Both of them
      D) None of These
    862 Which state has got a go-ahead from the Reserve Bank of India to launch a financial institution following the principles of Islamic finance in August 2013?
      A) Maharashtra
      B) Karnataka
      C) Goa
      D) Kerala
    863 Which committee has proposed the idea of setting up a bullion bank or Bullion Corporation of India (BCI) to utilize idle gold?
      A) Dandekar Committee
      B) Narasimhan Committee
      C) Rao Committee
      D) G S Patel Committee
    864 Which Indian private sector bank launched its ‘Branch on Wheels’ to offer basic banking services in remote areas which have so far been devoid of banking facilities in Sep 2013?
      A) Yes Bank
      B) Axis Bank
      C) HDFC Bank
      D) ICICI Bank
    865 Which Financial Company has secured approval from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) to set up white-label ATMs in India in Sep 2013?
      A) State Bank of India
      B) Reliance Capital
      C) Muthoot Finance
      D) IFCI
    866 Which bank won the “Best Banker Growth-Mid Sized” award in the second edition of The Sunday Standard Best Bankers’ Awards 2013 (announced in Sep 2013)?
      A) Karnataka Bank
      B) Karur Vysya Bank
      C) Maharashtra Bank
      D) IDBI Bank
    867 Religare Health Insurance has signed a deal with which Indian PSU bank in Sep 2013 to market its product and service bouquet through the distribution network of the bank?
      A) Union Bank of India
      B) IDBI Bank
      C) Central Bank of India
      D) Allahabad Bank
    868 Reserve Bank of India has formed an expert committee for examining its Current Monetary Policy Framework in Sep 2013. Who will head the committee?
      A) C. Rangarajan
      B) Bimal Jalan
      C) Urjit Patel
      D) Y. Venugopal Reddy
    869 Which Indian Private sector bank has become the first bank to raise USD 255 million funds overseas using the swap loan facility provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Sep 2013?
      A) YES Bank
      B) ICICI Bank
      C) HDFC Bank
      D) Axis Bank
    870 USA and British authorities have fined which US investment bank a combined USD 920 million over the so-called London Whale scandal in Sep 2013?
      A) JP Morgan
      B) UBS
      C) Bank of America
      D) Goldman Sachs


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    861 Ans) Wholesale Price Index
    862 Ans) Kerala
    863 Ans) Rao Committee
    864 Ans) ICICI Bank
    865 Ans) Muthoot Finance
    866 Ans) Karur Vysya Bank
    867 Ans) Union Bank of India
    868 Ans) Urjit Patel
    869 Ans) YES Bank
    870 Ans) JP Morgan


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