• Banking Awareness Quiz -85

    841 What do you understand by term ‘Mortgage’?
      A) Sale of a moveable security in the event of default by the borrower
      B) Registration of charge with the Registar of Companies
      C) Making the security of immovable property available as a cover for a home loan by the borrower
      D) Registration of charge with the Regional Transport Authority
    842 Which one of the following constitutes the largest percentage of Retail loans in India?
      A) Auto loans
      B) Personal loans
      C) Home loans
      D) Consumer loans
    843 Credit risk to the bank is high from which of these cards?
      A) Debit cards
      B) Credit cards
      C) ATM cards
      D) All the above
    844 Depreciation of an asset occurs due to __________
      A) Fire in the unit
      B) Theft
      C) Labour Trouble
      D) Wear and tear
    845 Which of the following international event is associated with the game of car racing?
      A) Twenty – 20
      B) FIFA World Cup
      C) Dubai Open
      D) Singapore Grand prix
    846 Which of the followind is NOT a source of funds of a commerical bank?
      A) Cash Reserves with RBI
      B) Borrowing from RBI
      C) Call money borrowings
      D) Deposits
    847 Which one of the following is a Credit Card Association?
      A) India Card
      B) Master Card
      C) SBI Card
      D) Citi Bank Cards
    848 Which one of the following is not an electronic Banking delivery channel?
      A) Mobile Vans
      B) Mobile Phone Banking
      C) Internet Banking
      D) Tele Banking
    849 The Rate at which the domestic currency cab be converted into foreign currency and vice-versa is known as the _____________
      A) Exchange rate
      B) MIBOR
      C) Inter bank Call money rate
      D) Base rate
    850 Which of the following is an asset reconstruction company?
      A) CIBIL
      B) DICGC
      C) BCSBI
      D) ARCIL


    Check below for Answers:













    841 Ans- C)
    842 Ans- C)
    843 Ans- B)
    844 Ans- D)
    845 Ans- D)
    846 Ans- A)
    847 Ans- B)
    848 Ans- A)
    849 Ans- A)
    850 Ans- D)


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