• Banking Awareness Quiz – 84

    831 Mr. Rajendra had filed a complaint with Banking Ombudsman but is not satisfied with the decision. What is the next option him for getting his matter resolved?
      A) Write to the CMD of the Bank
      B) File an appeal before the Finance Minister
      C) File an appeal before the Banking Ombudsman again
      D) File an appeal before the Dy. Governor RBI
    832 Which of the following is NOT a function of a commercial bank?
      A) Providing project finance
      B) Settlement of payments of behalf of the customers
      C) Deciding policy rates like CRR, SLR, & Repo Rates
      D) Issuing credit/debit/ATM cards
    833 What is money laundering?
      A) Conversion of assets into cash
      B) Conversion of Money which is illegally obtained
      C) Conversion of cash into gold
      D) Conversion of gold into cash
    834 Which one of the following is not a salient feature of debit card?
      A) No bad debts to banks and no suits for recovery
      B) No interest earning for banks
      C) Works like a normal withdrawal slip
      D) 45 days credit is given to the card holder
    835 Funding of which of the following is not a lending for infrastructure sector?
      A) Highway project
      B) Construction of Educational Institution
      C) Construction of Hospital
      D) Higher Studies
    836 Which of the following is a measure takeny by Reserve Bank of India to control inflation in our country?
      A) Increase in CCR
      B) Increase in SLR
      C) Decrease the SLR
      D) Raising of Repo / Revere Repo Rate
    837 What type of loan is granted by banks for purchase of white goods?
      A) Consumption loan
      B) Mortgage loan
      C) Consumer durables loan
      D) Home loan
    838 What is a stale cheque?
      A) A cheque issued without drawer’s signature
      B) A cheque with only signature of the drawer
      C) A cheque which has completed six months from its date of issue
      D) A six months’ post dates cheque
    839 Ram has been nominated in the Savings account of Sita. Ram requests the bank authorities to allow him to operate Sita’s account as she is unwell. What will the bank do?
      A) Bank will allow Ram to operate the account as he is nominee.
      B) As nomination will come into effect only after death of depositor, Bank will not allow.
      C) As Ram is husband Sita in addition to being the nominee, the Bank should allow.
      D) Out of pity for Sita and on account of long term relationship, the Bank may allow
    840 Which of the following is ‘material alteration’ of a negotiable instrument?
      A) Converting an order cheque to bearer cheque
      B) Converting a bearer cheque to order cheque
      C) Crossing of an uncrossed cheque
      D) Writing an amount on a black cheque


    Check below for Answers:













    831 Ans- D)
    832 Ans- C)
    833 Ans- B)
    834 Ans- D)
    835 Ans- D)
    836 Ans- C)
    837 Ans- C)
    838 Ans- C)
    839 Ans- B)
    840 Ans- A)


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