• Banking Awareness Quiz -78

    771 Tarapore Committee is associated with?
      A) SEZs
      B) Foreign exchange reserves
      C) Full capital account convertibility
      D) Infrastructure
    772 Which Media website has recently exposed that some banks and insurance companies were part of the money laundering activities, prompting RBI to take immediate actions against some banks?
      A) Times Group
      B) Cobrapost
      C) EditIndia
      D) CyberMedia
    773 RBI has cut reverse repo rate by 25 bps to _______ during its monetary policy review meet on 3rd May 2013.
      A) 7.5%
      B) 7.25%
      C) 6.5%
      D) 6.25%
    774 Morgan Stanley has signed an agreement to sell its Indian wealth management unit to which bank for a disclosed sum in May 2013?
      A) HSBC Bank
      B) RBS
      C) Standard Chartered
      D) Citibank
    775 RBI announced to launch Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIBs) to wean away investors from gold to paper-based savings instruments to curb CAD. What will be the maturity period of these bonds now?
      A) 15 Years
      B) 5 Years
      C) 10 Years
      D) 15 Years
    776 Who has been re-elected as the Chairman of Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) for 2013-14 in June 2013?
      A) Aditya Puri
      B) Deepak Parekh
      C) K R Kamath
      D) Pratip Chaudhuri
    777 Which entity has proposed a separate wealth management unit for banks involved in wealth & portfolio management services in June 2013?
      A) Reserve Bank of India
      B) IBA
      C) SEBI
      D) FICCI
    778 Which Indian Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) got in-principal approval from the Reserve Bank of India for establishing White Label ATMs (WLAs) in June 2013?
      A) Reliance Capital
      B) L&T Finance
      C) Muthoot Finance
      D) Bajaj Finserv
    779 Which Indian PSU bank has launched Xpress Money Card, a co-branded prepaid card  that can be loaded up to Rs 50,000 with UAE Exchange and Financial Services, in July 2013?
      A) State Bank of India
      B) Punjab National Bank
      C) Bank of Baroda
      D) IDBI Bank
    780 South and North Malabar Gramin banks have been merged to form a new RRB named as ______________ in July 2013.
      A) Konkan Gramin Bank
      B) Malabar Gramin Bank
      C) Kerala Gramin Bank
      D) None of These


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    771 Ans) Full capital account convertibility
    772 Ans) Cobrapost
    773 Ans) 6.25%
    774 Ans) Standard Chartered
    775 Ans) 10 Years
    776 Ans) K R Kamath
    777 Ans) Reserve Bank of India
    778 Ans) Muthoot Finance
    779 Ans) State Bank of India
    780 Ans) Kerala Gramin Bank


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