• Banking Awareness Quiz -77

    761 Index of Industrial Production (IIP) details out the growth of various sectors in the economy. It is compiled and published by the?
      A) Reserve Bank of India
      B) Registrar of Companies
      C) Central Statistics Office
      D) Confederation of Indian Industries
    762 If the RBI increases CRR, what immediate impact will it have on the functioning of banks?
      A) Banks will have to give more funds to priority sector
      B) Banks will have to give less funds to corporate sector
      C) Banks will have to raise their capital base by taking money from the government
      D) Banks will have to lock some additional funds with the RBI
    763 What is the full form of NAV?
      A) New Asset Venture
      B) Net Asset Value
      C) Net Accounting Venture
      D) Nil Accounting Variation
    764 Basel II norms are associated with which of the following aspects of the banking industry?
      A) Priority sector lending
      B) Manpower planning
      C) Corporate governance
      D) Risk management
    765 Expand the term FLCC?
      A) Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling
      B) Fiscal Literary and Credit Counseling
      C) Financial Literacy Communication Centre
      D) Financial Literacy Call Centre
    766 Loans given to farmers are treated as?
      A) Personal loans
      B) Corporate loans
      C) Business loans
      D) Priority sector loans
    767 The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is a global body that chalks out policies to counter financial frauds. Its headquarters is in?
      A) London
      B) Paris
      C) New York
      D) Geneva
    768 What does the first letter ‘S’ denote in the term STRIPS?
      A) Small
      B) Separate
      C) Standard
      D) Special
    769 The SARFAESI Act is related to?
      A) Sanction of loans
      B) Recovery of loans
      C) Enhancement of loan limits
      D) All the above
    770 Naresh Chandra Task Force is related to?
      A) Black Money
      B) Corruption
      C) National Security
      D) Income Tax


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    761 Ans) Central Statistics Office
    762 Ans) Banks will have to lock some additional funds with the RBI
    763 Ans) Net Asset Value
    764 Ans) Risk management
    765 Ans) Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling
    766 Ans) Priority sector loans
    767 Ans) Paris
    768 Ans) Separate
    769 Ans) Recovery of loans
    770 Ans) National Security
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