• Banking Awareness Quiz -76

    751 Which of the following has launched ‘Maa Thota’ scheme in Andhra Pradesh to improve the lot of tribal families?
      A) SBI
      B) SBH
      C) Andhra Bank
      D) NABARD
    752 As per the Coinage Act, 1906 Coins can be issued up to the denomination of?
      A) Rs.10
      B) Rs.100
      C) Rs.1000
      D) Rs.500
    753 The Reserve Bank of India has constituted a committee to review the existing short term cooperative credit structure (STCCS). The committee is headed by?
      A) Prakash Bakshi
      B) Umesh Kumar
      C) Mona Sharma
      D) V.Ramakrishna Rao
    754 Which of the following is an effort in the direction of Financial Inclusion?
      A) Anywhere Banking
      B) Internet Banking
      C) Foreign Currency Accounts
      D) No-Frills Accounts
    755 RBI stopped circulation of the coin of which of the following denominations from June 2011?
      A) 50 Paise
      B) Rs.1
      C) Rs.2
      D) 25 Paise
    756 What is the minimum population of cities stipulated by the government for foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail sector?
      A) 2 lakhs
      B) 5 lakhs
      C) 7 lakhs
      D) 10 lakhs
    757 RBI carries out open market operations (OMO), which means?
      A) Issuance of different types of bonds
      B) Sale or purchase of government securities
      C) Sale of US Dollars
      D) Issuance of currency notes
    758 Sub-prime refers to?
      A) Lending done by banks at rates below PLR
      B) Lending to the people who are high value customers
      C) Lending to those who are not regular customers of a bank
      D) Lending done by banks to customers not meeting with normally required credit appraisal standards
    759 The ability of an asset to be converted into cash quickly is called?
      A) Credit
      B) Cash crunch
      C) Liquidity
      D) Marketability
    760 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are established to?
      A) Promote exports of goods and services
      B) Promote investment from domestic and foreign sources
      C) Create employment opportunities
      D) All the above


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    751 Ans) NABARD
    752 Ans) Rs.1000
    753 Ans) Prakash Bakshi
    754 Ans) No-Frills Accounts
    755 Ans) 25 Paise
    756 Ans) 10 lakhs
    757 Ans) Sale or purchase of government securities
    758 Ans) Lending done by banks to customers not meeting with normally required credit appraisal standards
    759 Ans) Liquidity
    760 Ans) All the above
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