• Banking Awareness Quiz -73

    721 Which of the following services come(s) under the ambit of services tax?
      A) Courier Service
      B) Cable Operator
      C) Security Agency
      D) All of them
    722 Who heads the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC), which aims to simplify and rewrite the legislation affecting financial markets in India?
      A) Justice BN Srikrishna
      B) Justice KG Balakrishnan
      C) Justice Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal
      D) None of These
    723 Which commodity is the biggest contributor to India’s import bill after crude oil?
      A) Silver
      B) Mechinery
      C) Gold
      D) Vehicles
    724 The Know Your Customer (KYC) norms are applicable to which of the following categories of customers of the banks?
      A) A person or entity that maintains an account with the bank
      B) A person who has business relationship with the bank
      C) A person who holds a demat account with a particular bank
      D) All of these
    725 The capital market regulator Sebi has appointed a committee under ex-Cabinet secretary K M Chandrashekhar to frame guidelines for
      A) Foreign Institutional Investors
      B) Foreign Venture Capital Investors (FVCIs)
      C) Qualified Financial/Institutional Investors (QFIs)
      D) All types of foreign investors
    726 What is the full form ‘CBS’ in banking?
      A) Core Banking Solution
      B) Core Banking System
      C) Core Banking Service
      D) None of these
    727  What is the full form IDR as used in banking/financial sector?
      A) Indian Depository Receipt
      B) Indian Deferred Receipt
      C) Individual Deposit Receipt
      D) None of these
    728 Federal Reserve is the Central bank of which country?
      A) USA
      B) Germany
      C) Canada
      D) UK
    729 Banking sector falls under which of the following sectors?
      A) Service Sector
      B) Industrial Sector
      C) Manufacturing Sector
      D) None of these
    730 The Reserve Bank of India has appointed a committee on priority sector lending. Who is the Chairman of the committee?
      A) Subir Gokarn
      B) M.V.Nair
      C) Anand Sinha
      D) Alok Misra


    Check below for answers…..














    721 Ans) All of them
    722 Ans) Justice BN Srikrishna
    723 Ans) Gold
    724 Ans) All of these
    725 Ans) All types of foreign investors
    726 Ans) Core Banking Solution
    727 Ans) Indian Depository Receipt
    728 Ans) USA
    729 Ans) Service Sector
    730 Ans) M.V.Nair
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