• Banking Awareness Quiz -71

    701 In Banking and Capital market, FIMMDA stands for?
      A) Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association
      B) Flexible Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association
      C) Fixed Investment Money Methods and Derivatives Act
      D) Fixed Income Money Methods and Derivatives Act
    702 Which state has proposed to set up India’s first Islamic Bank?
      A) Maharashtra
      B) Kerala
      C) Andhra Pradesh
      D) Karnataka
    703 The Reverse mortgage scheme is launched to give benefit to?
      A) Poor Citizens
      B) Womens
      C) Senior Citizens
      D) Unemployed individuals
    704 Regional Rural Banks are the Brain child of_____
      A) C. Rangrajan
      B) M.Swaminathan
      C) K.C. Niyogi
      D) R. Gadgil
    705 The largest source of National Income in India is______
      A) Service sector
      B) Agricultural Sector
      C) Industrial sector
      D) Trade sector
    706 Which of the following Tax is imposed by Central Government?
      A) Service Tax
      B) Entertainment Tax
      C) Sale Tax
      D) Land Tax
    707 Q.I.P. stands for–
      A) Qualified Investment Placement
      B) Qualify Investment Program.
      C) Qualified Institutional Placement.
      D) Qualified Institution Placement.
    708 Fiat Money is known as–
      A) Legally declared Money
      B) Advance Money
      C) Soft Money
      D) Hot Money
    709 The per-capita income in India is calculated by?
      A) Planning Commission
      B) Central Statistical Organization
      C) RBI
      D) Central Financial Organization
    710 Which one is not included in the Indian economy?
      A) M1
      B) M2
      C) M3
      D) Both and


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    701 Ans) Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association
    702 Ans) Kerala
    703 Ans) Senior Citizens
    704 Ans) M. Swaminathan
    705 Ans) Service sector
    706 Ans) Service tax
    707 Ans) Quallified  Institunal placement
    708 Ans) legally declared money
    709 Ans) Central Statistical Organization
    710 Ans) M2
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