• Banking Awareness Quiz -70

    691 United Bank of India (UBI) has appointed whom as its new Chairman and Managing Director in April 2013?
      A) Sanjiv Misra
      B) R K Dubey
      C) Archana Bhargava
      D) None of These
    692 Who has been appointed as the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) by the Board of Governors in April 2013?
      A) Kikuo Iwata
      B) Haruhiko Kuroda
      C) Takehiko Nakao
      D) Hiroshi Nakaso
    693 As per World Bank report, which country is the largest recipient of remittances in the world in 2012?
      A) USA
      B) Japan
      C) China
      D) India
    694 Which Indian PSU Bank has announced that its Risk Management Department has received ISO 27001 certification from the British Standards Institute in April 2013?
      A) Bank of Baroda
      B) Punjab National Bank
      C) State Bank of India
      D) Vijaya Bank
    695 NREGA stands for?
      A) National Rural Earning Guarantee Act
      B) National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
      C) New Rural Earning Guarantee Act
      D) New Rural Employment Guarantee Agency
    696 Tarapore committee was set up by the RBI related to?
      A) Allowing Foreign banks in India
      B) Priority Sector Lending
      C) Capital Account Convertibility
      D) Minimum CRR
    697 Which in the list is the Apex level institution for housing?
      A) National Housing Bank (NHB)
      B) SIDBI
      C) NABARD
      D) IFCI
    698 Which in the list controls the credit creation by the commercial banks in India?
      A) SEBI
      B) Reserve Bank of India
      C) Finance Ministry
      D) Indian Banking Association
    699 Trade control in India is regulated by?
      A) EXIM Bank
      B) Directorate General of Foreign Trade
      C) RBI
      D) SEBI
    700 Which in the list is a non-depository institution?
      A) Commercial banks
      B) Mutual funds
      C) Credit Unions
      D) None of These


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    691 Ans) Archana Bhargava
    692 Ans) Takehiko Nakao
    693 Ans) India
    694 Ans) Vijaya Bank
    695 Ans) National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
    696 Ans) Capital Account Convertibility
    697 Ans) National Housing Bank (NHB)
    698 Ans) Reserve Bank of India
    699 Ans) Directorate General of Foreign Trade
    700 Ans) Mutual funds
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