• Banking Awareness Quiz -66

    651 The base rate is set by?
      A) Individual banks
      B) RBI
      C) Government of India
      D) None of These
    652 Security printing press was established in 1982 at?
      A) Kolkata
      B) New Delhi
      C) Bombay
      D) Hyderabad
    653 Indirect tax does not include?
      A) Customs Duty
      B) Central Excise
      C) Sales Tax
      D) Service Tax
    654 Name the public sector lender that selected Metlife as its partner for a proposed foray into the life insurance segment?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) State Bank of India
      C) Central Bank of India
      D) Bank of Baroda
    655 Which Indian PSU bank in tune with its plans to expand its retail division in the UK entered the mortgage market in the country for the first time?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) State Bank of India
      C) Central Bank of India
      D) Bank of Baroda
    656 CMD of a Indian public sector bank is appointed by?
      A) Indian Banks Association
      B) Central Government
      C) RBI
      D) Bank’s Board of Directors
    657 Which panel was appointed to provide more recommendation on GAAR?
      A) Basu Panel
      B) Narashima Panel
      C) Rangarajan Panel
      D) Shome Panel
    658 Which in the list is not considered as a monet market instrument?
      A) Commercial Papers
      B) Treasury Bills
      C) Equity Shares
      D) Repurchase agreements
    659 India’s Monetary Policy is decided and implemented by?
      A) FICCI
      B) Reserve Bank of India
      C) Finance Ministry
      D) Indian Banking Association
    660 Reserve Bank of India follows which system for the issue of curreny Rupee?
      A) Ratio based Reserve System
      B) Proportionate Reserve System
      C) Maximum Reserve System
      D) Minimum Reserve System


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    651 Ans) Individual banks
    652 Ans) Hyderabad
    653 Ans) Sales Tax
    654 Ans) Punjab National Bank
    655 Ans) State bank of India
    656 Ans) Central Government
    657 Ans) Shome Panel
    658 Ans) Equity Shares
    659 Ans) Reserve Bank of India
    660 Ans) Minimum Reserve System
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