• Banking Awareness Quiz – 108

    1071 In a major relief to all the Indian banks, the Reserve Bank of India has extended the deadline for implementation of Basel III norms to ____________ (announced in March 2014). The norm requires all the banks to raise huge amount of capital in order to satisfy the capital requirements.
      A) March 2018
      B) March 2019
      C) January 2019
      D) January 2018
    1072 Which Indian private bank became the first private bank to start its operation in China in March 2014?
      A) ICIIC Bank
      B) Axis Bank
      C) HDFC Bank
      D) Kotak Mahindra Bank
    1073 The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted “in-principle” approvals to ___________ in April 2014 to start new banks. The approval will be valid for 18 months within which they have to start banking services.
      A) IDFC and Pearless
      B) IFCI and Bandhan Financial Services
      C) IDFC and Bandhan Financial Services
      D) Adittya Birla Group and Reliance Money
    1074 The Reserve Bank of India adopted the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as the key measure of Inflation on 1st April 2014 on the basis of ___________ Committee recommendation. The committee recommended the same to revise and strengthen the Monetary Policy Framework as CPI properly measures the inflation and reflects correct cost of living. As of now, RBI was using Wholesale Price Index (WPI) for its monetary policy reviews.
      A) Urjit R Patel
      B) Anand Sinha
      C) K C Chakrabarty
      D) S S Mundra
    1075 Which Indian PSU Bank launched its Twitter handle account in April 2014 in order to increase its social media presence and improve digital marketing activities after launching accounts on Facebook and Youtube earlier.
      A) Bank of Baroda
      B) Central Bank of India
      C) State Bank of India
      D) Bank of India
    1076 The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision issued Final standards for measuring and controlling large exposures of banks to customers in April 2014. These standards will take effect from ___________ as per its notification. These guidelines were aimed to minimize the all kind of banking risks through proper risk management processes that a bank can face.
      A) 1 January 2020
      B) 1 January 2018
      C) 1 January 2019
      D) 1 April 2018
    1077 Which Middle East based bank announced in April 2014 that it would open its first branch at Nariman Point in Mumbai in India? The branch in Mumbai will be opened as a full-fledged bank in May 2014.
      A) Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
      B) Doha Bank
      C) UAE Central Bank
      D) National Bank of Bahrain
    1078 The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted “in-principle” approvals to IDFC and Bandhan Financial Services in April 2014 to start new banks. As per its guidelines, the bank shall open at least ________ of its branches in unbanked rural centres (population up to 9,999 as per the latest census).
      A) 15%
      B) 20%
      C) 25%
      D) 30%
    1079 The All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC), a national body of banking sector officers, has decided to mark ___________ as Demands Day in this year 2014. Specific to the body’s demand is the implementation of regulated working hours and five-day-a-week working schedule for the Indian banking industry.
      A) 30-April
      B) 21-April
      C) 1-May
      D) 5-May
    1080 Bandhan Financial Services announced to open nearly 600 branches in May 2014 after getting Banking license from RBI. This company is currently based out of which state?
      A) West Bengal
      B) Odissa
      C) Bihar
      D) Assam


    Check below for Answers:











    1071 Ans) March 2019
    1072 Ans) Axis Bank
    1073 Ans) IDFC and Bandhan Financial Services
    1074 Ans) Urjit R Patel
    1075 Ans) State Bank of India
    1076 Ans) 1 January 2019
    1077 Ans) Doha Bank
    1078 Ans) 25%
    1079 Ans) 1-May
    1080 Ans) West Bengal


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