• Banking Awareness Quiz – 106

    1051 Which entity/organization works as central processing agent in RTGS?
      A) Reserve Bank of India
      B) Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology
      C) Indian Financial Network
      D) Indian Banks Association
    1052 Which facility was set up by State bank of India on recommendation of Iyer Committee in 1991?
      A) RTGS
      B) NEFT
      C) BANKNET
      D) Rupaya
    1053 Who are the beneficiaries of Ways and Means Advances (WMA) facility of Reserve Bank of India?
      A) Commercial Banks
      B) Regional Rural banks
      C) State Governments
      D) Central Government
    1054 Normally, Government’s fiscal policy is related to _________________.
      A) Open market Operations
      B) Change in Reserve requirements
      C) Taxation and government spending
      D) Change in Bank Rates
    1055 Which does not come under the monetary policy for regulating the economy?
      A) Discount rate
      B) Government spending
      C) Reserve requirement
      D) Open market Operations
    1056 India’s all economic transactions with the outside world in a year is specified under __________?
      A) Balance of Trade
      B) Balance of Payments
      C) Balance of Transaction
      D) None of These
    1057 Which in the list does not come under the Priority Sector Lending (PSL)?
      A) Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
      B) Environmentally sustainable projects
      C) Small Enterprises
      D) Small Farmers
    1058 Which is a monthly publication by Reserve Bank of India?
      A) Statistical Report
      B) Monetary and Credit Information Review
      C) Macroeconomic and Monetary Developments
      D) Monthly Inflation Details
    1059 Which is a major qualitative control measure in India imposed by the RBI?
      A) Margin Requirements
      B) Open market Operations
      C) Reserve Ratio Requirements
      D) Ways and Means advances
    1060 Which is full form of CAS in context with Banking in India ?
      A) Cash Authorization Scheme
      B) Credit Authorization Scheme
      C) Credit Advance Scheme
      D) Cash Advance Scheme


    Check below for Answers:










    1051 Ans) Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology
    1052 Ans) BANKNET
    1053 Ans) State Governments
    1054 Ans) Taxation and government spending
    1055 Ans) Government spending
    1056 Ans) Balance of Payments
    1057 Ans) Environmentally sustainable projects
    1058 Ans) Monetary and Credit Information Review
    1059 Ans) Margin Requirements
    1060 Ans) Credit Authorization Scheme


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