• Banking Awareness Quiz – 103

    1021 In which year SIDBI  was established?
      A) 1981
      B) 1984
      C) 1990
      D) 1994
    1022 National Rural Credit Stabilization Fund is a Institution of purpose-specific funds of _______________.
      A) RBI
      B) SIDBI
      C) NABARD
      D) IFCI
    1023 Agency Functions of the commercial Banks are ________________?
      A) Primary Functions
      B) Secondary Functions
      C) Thirdparty Functions
      D) Social Function
    1024 When a person has a saving account in the bank , the bank assumes the position of _____________?
      A) Debtor
      B) Creditor
      C) Depositor
      D) Facilitator
    1025 Bank rate is the rate at which ________________
      A) A central Bank lends to commercial Banks
      B) A Commercial Bank lends to Central bank
      C) A commercial Bank lends to its customers
      D) None of These
    1026 The Unclaimed deposits are those deposits which haven’t been operated for ______?
      A) 5 years or more
      B) 7 years or more
      C) 10 years or more
      D) 12 years or more
    1027 In which year Statutory Liquidity Ratio was first imposed on banks?
      A) 1949
      B) 1955
      C) 1957
      D) 1963
    1028 By which date Indian Banks closes its balance sheet?
      A) 31 March
      B) 1 April
      C) 31 December
      D) 30 June
    1029 Which in the below list was first Commercial Bank of India?
      A) Hindustan Bank
      B) Central Bank of India
      C) Imperial Bank of India
      D) Punjab National Bank
    1030 Which in the below list of Banks launched Kisan Credit Card for the first time?
      A) Reserve Bank of India
      B) State bank of India
      C) NABARD
      D) SIDBI


    Check below for Answers:











    1021 Ans) 1990
    1022 Ans) NABARD
    1023 Ans) Secondary Functions
    1024 Ans) Debtor
    1025 Ans) A central Bank lends to commercial Banks
    1026 Ans) 10 years or more
    1027 Ans) 1949
    1028 Ans) March 31
    1029 Ans) Hindustan Bank
    1030 Ans) NABARD


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