• Banking Awareness Quiz – 102

    1011 Which in the below list is India’s first Regional Rural Bank ?
      A) Uttar banga Co-operative Bank
      B) Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank
      C) Prathama Bank
      D) None of These
    1012 Which in the below list of ratios correctly denotes Money Multiplier?
      A) M3: M0
      B) M1: M0
      C) M3: M1
      D) M2: M0
    1013 Lessor and Lessee is a relationship between a bank and its customer in _____________
      A) Cash Deposits
      B) Loans
      C) Safe Deposit Locker
      D) Fixed Deposits
    1014 Which iis the oldest and most common form of Electronic Funds Transfer System?
      A) Wire transfers
      B) Automatic Teller Machines
      C) Cash Vending Machines
      D) None of These
    1015 Which in the below list of committees gave its recommendations on “Customer Service”?
      A) Goiporia Committee
      B) Usha Thorat Committee
      C) Rangarajan Committee
      D) None of These
    1016 In which year Reserve bank of India introduced Special Fund Facility for Security Settlement SFFSS?
      A) 1991
      B) 2000
      C) 2004
      D) 2007
    1017 Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of ____________.
      A) IFCI
      B) SIDBI
      C) Reserve Bank of India
      D) SEBI
    1018 The concept of weaker sections under ‘priority sector’ was introduced on the recommendation of ___________________.
      A) Krishnaswami Committee
      B) Tarkunde Committee
      C) Gadgil Committee
      D) Usha Thorat Committee
    1019 Who in the below list is called guru of Micro finance in India?
      A) Vijay Mahajan
      B) Vikram Akula
      C) Muhammad Yunus
      D) None of These
    1020 Which in the below list are oldest financial institutions in India?
      A) Private Agencies
      B) Commercial Banks
      C) Reserve Bank of India
      D) State bank of India


    Check below for Answers:










    1011 Ans) Prathama bank
    1012 Ans) M3: M0
    1013 Ans) Safe Deposit Locker
    1014 Ans) Wire transfers
    1015 Ans) Goiporia Committee
    1016 Ans) 2000
    1017 Ans) Reserve Bank of India
    1018 Ans) Krishnaswami Committee
    1019 Ans) Vijay Mahajan
    1020 Ans) Commercial Banks


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