• Banking Awareness Quiz – 101

    1001 Which in the below list of products have Global Investment Horizon?
      A) Guilt Edge Securities
      B) Mutual Funds
      C) Sovereign Wealth Funds
      D) Fixed Deposits
    1002 What is the share of Reserve bank of India in National Housing Bank?
      A) 49%
      B) 51%
      C) 100%
      D) 74%
    1003 Which in the below list is related to land development ?
      A) NABARD
      B) SIDBI
      C) IFCI
      D) SARDB
    1004 For ____________________ the term “Paper Gold” is used.
      A) Gold Exchange Traded Funds
      B) Reserves with IMF
      C) Special Drawing Rights
      D) None of These
    1005 In which year Regional Rural Banks in India started working?
      A) 1970
      B) 1975
      C) 1984
      D) 1987
    1006 which in the below list falls under direct tax bucket?
      A) Excise Duty
      B) Sales Tax
      C) Income Tax
      D) Value Added tax
    1007 Which in the below list is not a power of Reserve Bank of India?
      A) Inspection of banks
      B) Nationalization of Banks
      C) Regulation of banks
      D) None of These
    1008 Which in the below list of taxes is levied by state government only?
      A) Wealth Tax
      B) Entertainment Tax
      C) Corporation tax
      D) Income Tax
    1009 In which year National Housing Bank (NHB) Residex was launched?
      A) 2001
      B) 2003
      C) 2007
      D) 2009
    1010 In which year ‘Ad hoc Treasury bill System’ of meeting budget deficit in India was replaced by Ways and Means (WMA) Advances System?
      A) 1991
      B) 1997
      C) 1999
      D) 2001


    Check below for Answers:










    1001 Ans) Sovereign Wealth Funds
    1002 Ans) 100%
    1003 Ans) SARDB
    1004 Ans) Special Drawing Rights
    1005 Ans) 1975
    1006 Ans) Income Tax
    1007 Ans) Nationalization of Banks
    1008 Ans) Entertainment Tax
    1009 Ans) 2007
    1010 Ans) 1997


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