• Banking Awareness Quiz – 100

    991 CAMPA fund is related to ____________________.
      A) Industrial Insurance
      B) Environment protection by Industries
      C) Industrial Employee Security
      D) None of These
    992 Narrow Money & Broad money are represented in the concepts of Money supply used by reserve bank of India are denoted by respectively ________?
      A) M1 and M2
      B) M1 and M3
      C) M1 and M4
      D) M2 and M3
    993 Who in the below list acts as agent of Government of India in respect of her membership of IMF?
      A) Ministry of Finance
      B) Reserve Bank of India
      C) SEBI
      D) None of These
    994 The SC Gupta panel,set up by RBI in 2006, gave its recommendation on _______?
      A) Regulation of NBFC
      B) Regulation of Capital markets
      C) Regulation of Money lenders
      D) Regulation of Microfinance Lenders
    995 Which organization was set up to maintain a database on Individual’s Credit records?
      A) CRISIL
      B) ICRA
      C) CIBIL
      D) IFCI
    996 The financial bill is introduced normally _______?
      A) Every year
      B) Every session of Parliament
      C) Every six months
      D) Every three years
    997 In which year SMERA (small & medium enterprises rating agency) was established?
      A) 2002
      B) 2005
      C) 2008
      D) 2010
    998 Which in the below list is not a liability of a bank?
      A) time deposits
      B) security holdings
      C) demand deposits
      D) None of These
    999 To make banking convenient for the customers banks use delivery channels. Which in the below list is not a delivery channel?
      A) ATM
      B) Any Branch Banking
      C) Operational Banking
      D) None of These
    1000 Which in the below list sentences correctly defines Prime Lending Rates?
      A) The rate at which banks get money from RBI
      B) The rate at which banks normally give loan to most favored customers
      C) The rate at which bank of interest on fixed deposits
      D) The rate at which banks normally give loan to customers with bad credit rating


    Check below for Answers:










    991 Ans) Environment protection
    992 Ans) M1 and M3
    993 Ans) Reserve Bank of India
    994 Ans) Regulation of Money lenders
    995 Ans) CIBIL
    996 Ans) Every year
    997 Ans) 2005
    998 Ans) security holdings
    999 Ans) Operational Banking
    1000 Ans) The rate at which banks normally give loan to most favored customers


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