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    Advertising is the paid form of promoting a product or services to a high consumer base using different types of media or communication channels.

    Following are the objectives of advertisement.

    • To attract attention of a potential consumer and create awareness about the product
    • To stimulate interest among the consumers to maintain the demand of products high
    • To create a desire to experience new and innovative product
    • To reach maximum number of consumers in a short period of time

    Methods to achieve objective include.

    • Films and Television commercials
    • Radio broadcasting
    • Internet or Emails
    • Through SMS (Mobile advertising)
    • Advertising through print media like newspapers, magazines etc.
    • Billboards at the roadside or crowded places
    • Stalls in different trade fairs

    Types of advertising

    • Covert Advertising – Product embedded in entertainment and media. Example: Promotion of brands in different movies by Film actors
    • Surrogate Advertising – Distorting the product qualities and advertising it. Example: Selling of Alcoholic beverage brand in the name of Soda or Music CDs
    • Spare Part Advertising – This type of advertisement involves only the part of an entity for which the product is made. Example: In a wrist watch advertisement, only the hand of the person is shown.
    • Celebrity Branding – Making use of celebrities’ fame, power and popularity to advertise a product.
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