• Advantages of ERP System

    There are numerous advantages to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The main advantages are

    • Saves time and expense by integrating myriad processes.
    • Eradicates the limitations in the Legacy system.
    • Helps management team to make proper decisions in anytime, anywhere by providing real-time information.
    • Manages Management reporting and Decisions making promptly with fewer errors and uniform throughout the organization.
    • Automates the entire functional and business process, thus increasing overall operational efficiency.
    • It permits a company to maintain enhanced track of their products.
    • By consolidating multiple security systems into a single structure, it protects the sensitive data of that company
    • Sales forecasting, which allows inventory optimization
    • Order tracking, from acceptance through fulfillment
    • Revenue tracking, from invoice through cash receipt
    • Inventory reduction and improved cost control
    • ¬†Integrates cost, profit and revenue information of sales that are made
    • To find a best design process with high level quality of product.
    • Reduction of Lead-time, cycle time and On-time Shipment
    • Improved Supplier Performance
    • Increased Flexibility
    • Reduction in Quality Costs
    • Improved Resource Utility
    • High customer satisfactions
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