• 7P’s of Marketing

    Main 4P’s of Marketing.

    • Product
    • Price
    • Promotion
    • Place

    Check the 4P’s of Marketing for more details

    The other 3P’s of service marketing are:

    • Process
    • Physical Environment
    • People.

    Process deals with the processes and methodologies followed in a company to develop a product or services. Better standardized the processes and methodologies; more confidence of the customer in the services delivered by the Company. For IT services companies, CMMI level indicates the maturity level in following the standard processes and quality level of the delivered services. IT services delivered by a CMMI level 5 Company is always more preferable than IT services delivered by a CMMI level 3 Company.

    The main parameters used to judge the process are as follows

    • Methodology or Processes followed
    • Process standardization
    • Process Quality

    Physical Environment indicates the physical attributes in delivering services, be it the interface of the services (suppose an IT application) or comfort level in using the services. Any services bundled with proper training material and user guide always attract more customers and lead to more customer satisfaction. For Hospitality sector, the facilities provided along with the basic amenities are the main driving forces to achieve high customer satisfaction.

    The main parameters used to judge the Physical aspects of services are as follows

    • Interface
    • Comfort
    • Facilities

    People is the most important factor in marketing for Services because any services be it hospitality, IT services, Business Process Outsourcing, Consulting etc. There are very high amount of people engagements required in all these services where the behavior and skill of employees, negotiation capabilities and Leadership qualities of the senior management drive the business growth. Better Organization culture sets the background for high employee productivity and improved work culture inside the organization.

    • Employees
    • Senior Management
    • Organization Culture
    • Customer Services and Co-ordination

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