• 3 C’s of Internet Banking

    Use of Internet and new technologies have enabled today’s banking activities to be the most convenient, efficient, clean and the most secure way of doing business. Most of the banking facilities are now available online and can be used the account holders/user for any kind of transactions.

    Internet banking allows its customers to carry out their financial transactions in a timely, efficient, safe manner, anytime, at any location. With the tremendous growth in internet, internet banking has become the most necessary aspect and the survival formula in banking. All the banks have to necessarily implement the same in order to retain customer and be competitive. The 3 C’s of Internet Banking mainly refers to these below three points

    Now, Internet banking has brought Banks closer to us making banking services available round the clock as per our convenience. Internet banking increases customer delight by providing the best possible services which are very convenient and easy to use. With these benefits banks need not have many branches and provide 24*7 direct services to the customers which help to reduce overall carbon footprint. These Corporate Social Responsibilities of the banks help us to contribute to our society and Green initiatives.

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